Yann Ilunga

‘Podcasting Advocate' 

‘Unicorn-Level Digital Marketing Expert' 

Lead Generation and Podcasting Consulting

If you are a coach, consultant, small business owner, podcaster, marketer, author, speaker or entrepreneur, I can help you with the following topics and areas:

Organic Lead Generation

Automation & Systems

Prospect Nurturing


Podcast Guesting

Relationship Selling


Want to Book a Time to Talk?

What Are the Consulting Options?

There are different consulting options: you can either go for a one-time 1-hour or 2-hour call or pick something more intensive, like an ongoing series of calls. 

You can choose whatever works best for you – and yes, it's possible to discuss an “ad hoc”, custom, consulting package that suits your needs and schedule! 

Who Do You Typically Work With?

The list of clients I have helped with my consulting services includes coaches, entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, consultants, speakers, small business owners, and creative professionals.

Which languages do you work in?

Even though English is the language I use most of the time for my work, I can also offer consulting calls in Italian (my mother tongue) and French.

I'd Like More Info, Could We Have a Quick Call?

Absolutely! Just use the button below or click on the live chat button to schedule a quick call.

How Do I Know If Your Consulting Work Is Right for Me?

The consulting work is ideal if you're looking for one-on-one help or feel like you'd like to have an expert view and advice on what you (and your team) are currently doing or plan on doing.

If you're looking for personalized assistance, you're in the right place!

Do you prefer to learn by yourself? Then, check out the course options here.

How Does the Consulting Process Work?

Each consulting package is bought in advance (instalment payment options may be available too, dependeing on the package). If you decide to go for one that has several hours, we'll agree on how to spread those out.

You'll always have time to ask me your questions before the consulting call (as well as during the call) – I want to make sure we make the most of our time!

Every consulting call and its content is completely confidential and your personal information will not be shared with third parties. Each call will be recorded and a replay of it will be provided to you in the form of an MP3 audio file.

What Are Your Consulting Rates, Yann?

The rates vary depending on the type of project you'd need help with.

If you'd need assistance exclusively during a 1-hour or a 2-hour (or 2x 1-hour) consulting calls, the pricing is:


  • 1-hour consulting call: 350€


  • 2-hour consulting call: 600€



About Yann Ilunga

Podcasting and Systems Consultant

I'm a podcasting and systems consultant, international speaker and podcaster (with 400+ episodes published).

I help podcasters, authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs like you be more efficient, get exposure, acquire leads and attract prospects by leveraging podcast hosting, guesting and the implementation of automated systems.

I have a bachelor's degree from the University of Lugano (Switzerland) and master's degree from the University of Helsinki (Finland) – my major was communication.

With my consulting services, I can help you in a variety of areas, such as podcasting or podcast guesting strategy, the creation and implementation of a 3-part system every podcast host and guest should have, digital marketing, content strategy, and podcast marketing.

Dubbed ‘Podcasting Advocate' by Forbes and ‘Unicorn-Level Digital Marketing Expert' by Inc., I have shared my advice on places like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, the Podcast Business JournalFoundr Magazine and The Huffington Post.

You can learn more about my story here or take a look at my Press Page.

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What Clients Are Saying

Now I have a system to onboard my podcast guests "auto-magically"!


[smartvideo src=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/pubf8cjan0rrjxm/Dr%20Nii%20Darko%20%E2%80%93%20Testimonial.mp4?dl=1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ responsive=true controls=true]
[/spp-transcript] Dr. Nii Darko

Dr. Nii Darko

Host of Docs Outside the Box Podcast 

Thanks to Yann's systems, my team & I can better serve our clients

[smartvideo src=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqv36jjcqsscsus/Robert%20Ingalls%20%E2%80%93%20Testimonial%20%28Consulting%C2%A0%E2%80%93%20Systems%29.mp4?dl=1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ responsive=true controls=true]
[/spp-transcript] Robert Ingalls_Testimonial

Robert Ingalls

Founder of Lawpods – Podcast Production for Lawyers

I walked away with 8 things to implement!

[smartvideo src=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/7dw7h4f3amb4o1v/Caroline%20Balinska%C2%A0%E2%80%93%20Testimonial%20%28Consulting%29.mp4?dl=1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ responsive=true controls=true autoplay=false]

Caroline Balinska – testimonial

Caroline Balinska

Host of Winning With Shopify

Focused, professional and concrete action-oriented advice

[smartvideo src=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/1w1x9w8tdv7unwo/Alex%20Congdon%C2%A0%E2%80%93%20Testimonial%20%28Consulting%29.mp4?dl=1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ responsive=true controls=true]
[/spp-transcript] Alex Congdon – Testimonial

Alex Congdon

Host of the  Expat Business Hero Podcast

Really enjoyed Yann's presentation on 2 levels: the quality of the information and his audience interaction

[smartvideo src=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xlxj0an9qh3cuj/Craig%20Wealand%C2%A0%E2%80%93%20Testimonial%20%28Speaking%29.mp4?dl=1″ width=”640″ height=”360″ responsive=true controls=true]
[/spp-transcript] Craig Wealand – testimonial

Craig Wealand

Host of InglesPodcast

Yann helped me with so many aspects beyond just podcasting


Yann helped me with so many aspects beyond just podcasting.

We didn’t just dive into the gear, but first zoomed out to look at the overall strategy. His advice helped me to be a better podcast host and also an amazing guest. I eventually landed on the top-ranking show Entrepreneur on Fire and did one of the best interviews of my career!

I highly recommend Yann for anyone that wants to learn more about podcasting and how to use the medium strategically to grow your reach. He’s a great guy with an important mission: help you so that you can help more people.

[/spp-transcript] Kathryn_Kemp_Guylay Kathryn Kemp Guylay

Award-winning author & host of Positive on Publishing

I got results just a couple of days after the call!


The consulting calls with Yann helped me understand how to market my podcast and attract more listeners. I reached out to Yann because I was overwhelmed trying to implement different strategies.

His advice during our calls was explained in an easy-to-follow manner and I got results just a couple of days after implementing it! If you're looking for assistance, go for one of the best podcasters out there – you won't regret it!

[/spp-transcript]Matthias HombauerMatthias Hombauer

Host of the How to Become a Rockstar Photographer Podcast

Very thorough in his analysis, definitely worth the investment


I discovered Yann at the Podcast Success Summit. I really appreciated his style of interviewing because it didn't feel like an interview, but felt more like a discussion among peers. Yann has great communication skills and is a master at building empathy with whoever he's relating to.

That prompted me to go listen to his podcast which also contained very valuable advice for any podcaster. I subsequently booked an hour of consulting time with Yann. It was definitely worth the investment!

He was very thorough in his analysis of all of my “exposure” channels: my podcast, my website, and my YouTube channel. Yann had very insightful, concrete and actionable feedback and suggestions. It was extremely valuable to get that outsider's perspective.

I've already implemented a couple of his recommendations and am still working on the others. I highly recommend Yann to anyone looking for a podcasting coach.

[/spp-transcript] Marla Ilona

Producer of Setting the Record Straight: God's Truth for This Generation

A lifesaver


I couldn't have gotten my funnels together without Yann's help and generous advice.

He was a lifesaver when launching two new courses, a drip email sequence, and a site redesign all at the same time.

[/spp-transcript] David_Krevitt David Krevitt

Growth Hacking & Automation expert

Valuable advice on how to implement the podcast into the bigger picture in order to grow your business


I followed Yann’s Podcast Success Summit and was impressed by his professionalism. I could have bought the recordings, which would have been worth every penny, instead, I wanted to have him all to myself and invested in some coaching with him. I was not disappointed!

He asked me to send him my questions ahead of time, which I did, and then during our coaching call, he was prepared with in-depth information and resources about every one of them.

Yann is not only an expert in everything related to podcasting, but he will also give you advice on how to implement the podcast into the bigger picture in order to grow your business!

I can only recommend Yann and his work, whether it is his online courses or his one-on-one coaching!

[/spp-transcript] Sarah_SantacroceSarah Santacroce

LinkedIn expert and host of the Introvert Biz Growth Podcast

I have been able to go from nobody and nowhere to making a difference and saving lives


Yann has been instrumental in my business growth. I started from scratch with no podcasting knowledge and am about to launch my second podcast in conjunction with The Business Innovators Radio network and WCKG am/f in Chicago.

Through Yann’s unbelievably comprehensive Podcast Success Summit, his Podcast Growth Mastermind, and Podcast Growth Hub, I have been able to go from nobody and nowhere to making a difference and saving lives with my Recovery Innovators podcast and Addiction Breakthrough Summit.

And thanks to his Podcast Growth Incubator, I now have a step-by-step blueprint I can follow to promote and grow my show. Also note, Yann has been extremely available whenever I have questions or desire feedback, for both my podcast and my recent online summit. So helpful and so valuable.

[/spp-transcript] James_Healy

James Healy

Host of Recovery Innovators Radio

2 million downloads and counting!


Yann’s teachings and trainings, along with his infectious love for podcasting, have been really helpful in my show passing the 2 million downloads mark!

I highly recommend the Podcast Growth Hub as you grow your show.

[/spp-transcript] Gina Ryan Gina Ryan

Host of The Anxiety Coaches Podcast with Gina Ryan