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Why a podcast?

That's one of the biggest questions in a podcaster's journey. But why does it matter so much to take a moment to think about it?

And how you can address it, so that you get an answer that addresses the question in an exhaustive way?

If you're thinking about podcasting and are just taking your first steps, then this episode of the Podcaster Lab will provide you with the insight you need to understand what podcasting can do for you and whether hosting a podcast is something you should invest time and money on.

In This Episode, You'll Hear About

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  • what the Podcaster Lab is all about [spp-timestamp time=”0:53″]
  • more about who Yann is and what he does [spp-timestamp time=”2:41″]
  • Kate Erickson's take on the question Why a podcast? [spp-timestamp time=”3:58″]
  • a couple of things having a podcast can do, according to Dave Jackson [spp-timestamp time=”5:28″]
  • Nicole Holland's thoughts on what hosting an interview-based show can do for you [spp-timestamp time=”7:32″]
  • what having a podcast has allowed Natalie Sisson to do [spp-timestamp time=”9:26″]
  • what being a podcast guest can do [spp-timestamp time=”11:10″]
  • one thing many don't know could happen because of you hosting a show [spp-timestamp time=”12:36″]
  • final considerations on Why a podcast? [spp-timestamp time=”13:23″]

Today's Guest Experts

Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson aka ‘the Suitcase Entrepreneur' is a world-traveling entrepreneur, best-selling author and podcaster.

She's the host of the Suitcase Entrepreneur Podcast and Natalie Sisson's Quest for Freedom.




Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is a podcasting coach, podcaster and speaker.

He's been part of the podcasting industry for years, sharing his expertise at events like Podcast Movement, Podfest and International Podcast Day. He's the host of School of Podcasting and Ask the Podcast Coach.



Kate Erickson

Kate Erickson is content creator and community manager over at Entrepreneur on Fire.

An author and speaker herself, she's also the host of the audio blog Kate's Take.




Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland is the founder of Interviews That Convert and the popular online event Business Building Rockstars Summit.

She's the host of two podcasts: Business Building Rockstars Show and her latest, Get Guest Ready.


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