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A while ago, I ran a podcast launch experiment.

When launching The Podcaster Lab, I tested a few things to see what a potential social reach of over 600,000 people would translate into in terms of podcast downloads.

I shut down all of my podcast marketing channels and created a campaign using a platform called Thunderclap.

On launch day, the show had a potential social reach of 685,102 people.

Curious to hear about the results of the podcast launch experiment?

Tune in to this episode to find out!

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In This Episode, You'll Hear About


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  • A myth related to podcast marketing [spp-timestamp time=”1:51″]


  • How you should approach your podcast, interviewing guests and the marketing of your show [spp-timestamp time=”4:46″]


  • The podcast launch experiment I ran [spp-timestamp time=”5:44″]


  • The average number of downloads a podcast episode gets in its first 30 days (according to Libsyn's Rob Walch) [spp-timestamp time=”7:19″]


  • The breakdown of the podcast launch experiment [spp-timestamp time=”8:24″]


  • What a potential social reach of 685,102 people translated into in terms of podcast downloads [spp-timestamp time=”12:21″]


  • What you can learn from my podcast launch experiment [spp-timestamp time=”14:32″]

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