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Please take a minute to watch the video below and learn about the different ways you can use to submit your audio contribution(s).

Submit Your Audio Comments

Please choose one of the 3 options below to send me your content:

1. Record Everything on Your End

Record everything on your end (as one audio file) and send it to (if it's a big file, you can share it through something like Dropbox or Google Drive).

Record on Your End

2. Record & Submit Straight From This Page

You can send your audio contributions straight from this page. Click on the button below and hit ‘Record'. SpeakPipe will take care of the rest! Please note that there's a 90 seconds limit for each SpeakPipe recording. If you need any help, feel free to watch the short video on the left.

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3. Use the Anchor App on Your Smartphone

Send your audio contributions via the Anchor app. Simply download the Anchor app from the App Store or Google Play.

Then, watch the short video on the right to learn how easy it is to record and send everything through the Anchor app.

The Podcaster Lab Submission Guidelines

Please note that the maximum duration of a voice message recorded with SpeakPipe is 90 seconds. In some cases, you may need more than that to answer all the questions. Simply record and submit your first 90-second recording, then start the recording process again and submit the other 90 seconds (and so forth).

 Here are a few additional things to keep in mind:


  • please try to keep your answers to the point


  • don’t need to introduce yourself, I’ll do that on the show (you can simply say “I’m [YOUR NAME]” and then start with the content)


  • spammy, disrespectful and super-promotional contributions will NOT be published


  • the same goes for unsolicited submissions (won’t be featured on the show)


  • please note that your audio contributions may be edited and/or trimmed down


  • by submitting an audio snippet you give me (Yann ilunga) permission to broadcast it, edit it and feature it in any of my podcasts, articles, videos and/or products (as either audio contribution, a written transcript of it or both)

Here are two examples of expert contributions

To listen to them click Play on the player below FIRST. Then, click on the timestamp:


  • Jessica Rhodes' advice when looking for podcast guests [spp-timestamp time=”3:54″]


  • what Jordan Harbinger believes you should do once you have a list of potential interviewees  [spp-timestamp time=”10:23″]
[smart_track_player url=”″ title=”TPL 015: Podcast Guests: 6 Strategies to Find Great Ones w/ Jordan Harbinger & Jessica Rhodes” artist=”Yann ilunga, Jordan Harbinger and Jessica Rhodes” image=”” color=”#00ffc3″ background=”#00d1b8″ social_linkedin=”true” social_pinterest=”true” social_email=”true” tweet_text=”Here's what to look for and where to find great podcast guests” hashtag=”PodcastGuests, #Podcasting” twitter_username=”theyannilunga” ]

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