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It's no news, your website is the foundation of your online business.

But what does make a great site? And how can you build one, if you don't have programming skills and don't want to empty your wallet?

In this podcast episode web design consultant, teacher and author Janine Warner and I talk about how you can easily create a cool website even if you're not a coding wizard nor have thousands of dollar to spend.

Janine and I go over some of the platforms you can use to craft a website yourself, we discuss the 3-step process for launching a site and talk about content strategy and current trends in web design.

Today's Guest

Janine WarnerJoining us today is journalist-turned-web design consultant, online instructor and author Janine Warner. Some of you may know her for one of her books of the popular for Dummies series like Do-It-Yourself Web Sites (the very first book about web design I have ever read!), Social Media Design and Mobile Web Design, among others.

Janine is also the managing partner of the Los Angeles-based digital design and training firm Digital Family, as well as an speaker and a teacher on platforms like Lynda.com and Creative Live (the list of courses taught by Janine includes Creating Websites with WordPressIntro to HTML and CSS Beyond Templates and Redesigning Your Website or Blog.

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • How to easily create a website, even if you don't have programming skills
  • The 3-step process to launching a website
  • Must-have pages and features every entrepreneur's website should have
  • Trends in web design
  • How to create a killer content strategy
  • Tips for redesigning a website/blog

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