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Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes) is the world's leading podcasting platform.

Because of this, it's important that you, as a podcaster, know it inside and out (even if you don't use iOS devices).

What does it look like? What are its section and nuances?

What should you consider and do to increase your podcast visibility on the platform?

Alongside Libsyn's VP of Podcaster Relation Rob Walch, we take a closer look at Apple Podcasts and debunk the myth of its (in)famous New & Noteworthy section.

It doesn't matter whether you've been podcasting for a couple of months or a few years, this episode is a must-listen!

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In This Episode, You'll Hear About


Quick note about the timestamps below: in order for the timestamps to work properly, click Play on the player FIRST. Then, click on the specific timestamp.


  • What Apple Podcasts is [spp-timestamp time=”0:52″]


  • What the layout of its homepage looks like [spp-timestamp time=”2:23″]


  • An example of category and sub-categories (and what the pages look like) [spp-timestamp time=”5:34″]


  • The country-specific Apple Podcasts [spp-timestamp time=”8:11″]


  • What your show's podcast page looks like and includes [spp-timestamp time=”11:07″]


  • How podcasters used to approach New & Noteworthy [spp-timestamp time=”12:28″]


  • Rob Walch debunks the ‘New & Noteworthy' myth [spp-timestamp time=”13:53″]


  • 2 examples of podcasts that will make you understand how you should approach New & Noteworthy [spp-timestamp time=”16:52″]


  • The things that can help your podcast in terms of rankings [spp-timestamp time=”20:06″]


  • How to optimize your show for search on Apple Podcasts [spp-timestamp time=”21:33″]


  • What you can do to try to get your podcast extra visibility on Apple Podcasts [spp-timestamp time=”22:51″]

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