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360 Entrepreneur Podcast

Who said that you need to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, before you can apply the business tips you received?

The 360 Entrepreneur Podcast is a straightforward, no-fluff show that provides you – wantrepreneur, business-builder or small business owner – with highly-actionable tips and resources delivered by some of the very best in business. Whether you need help launching an online business, want to build authority and grow an audience, need help promoting your business on social media, want to build a platform – like a blog, podcast or vlog – or finally want to publish the book you have been working on for some time, the 360 Entrepreneur Podcast will help you GET RESULTS!

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Love From Some Listeners

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams, "Tough Girl Challenges" Founder

Yann is an awesome individual and this comes across in his podcasts. He’s a great interviewer, building instant rapport with guests. He asks the real questions you want him to and he gets the information you need. 

I’m super excited about the 360 Entrepreneur and the directions its heading. Each episode provides me with more top tips and pieces of advice I can implement straight away. Keep up the great work!!

Michael Warner

Michael Werner, "Ask SimpleK12" Host

In the past week, I have listened to more of your episodes, and MAN OH MAN…really good stuff! One thing that I really think sets your entrepreneurial podcast apart is that you have a great knack for eliciting very specific tips and tools from your guests.

Really top drawer stuff!

What Some of the Best in Business Are Saying

Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod, Best-Selling Author of "The Miracle Morning"

After being interviewed on over 200 podcasts, I can say without hesitation that Yann is one of the BEST interviewers I’ve ever come across, which is what makes the 360entrepreneur one of the best podcasts on iTunes.

Jason Zook

Jason Zook, Entrepreneur & Author of "Creativity for Sale"

Yann is energetic, friendly, and provides a bunch of valuable content and tips to his audience through his well-prepared interviews. When I spoke with him on the 360 Entrepreneur Podcast for the first time, I felt like we had been friends for years! Yann knows his stuff and his show is one I definitely recommend.

Cheryl Hunter

Cheryl Hunter, Motivational Speaker & Transformational Expert

Yann is an enthusiastic interviewer, who is committed to providing value to his audience.

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger, "The Art of Charm" Co-Founder & Co-Host

Yann is a GREAT host, probably one of the best podcasters around!

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